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Dear Bride-to-Be:

Reassurance …

That’s what every bride wants – expects – from the people coordinating her wedding. After all, this is the biggest day of
her life, the one she’s planned for and dreamed of her whole life.

Brides who entrust this momentous day to us here at Ingersoll Golf Club can rest assured that every last detail will be executed just the way you and I planned them!

Rest assured – here at Ingersoll, the buck stops with me, your Wedding Coordinator.

Every wedding venue likes to identify certain things they offer that make them stand out from the competition. I know I don’t have to tell you the field is crowded. Here at Ingersoll, we like to think that there isn’t one or two things that stand out about our approach to your wedding. We feel brides here get a full complement of reassuring differentials that help us to guarantee your special day here is memorable for all the right reasons.

Nine important reasons to hold your wedding at Ingersoll Golf Club.

Peruse these points-of-emphasis that we adhere to for your wedding day perfection:

  1. We deliver the most flexible wedding packages at attractive prices.We don’t work with many brides (and especially dads picking up the tab) for whom money is no object. Everyone today is cost-conscious. Ingersoll offers you packages that include so many services at such affordable prices. Our packages make planning and budgeting a breeze and can easily be custom tailored to deliver your dream wedding.
  2. Your complete happiness is our only aim.We’ve gotten a lot of brides down the Ingersoll aisle – all of them radiant and happy with our wedding staff bringing over a quarter-century of wedding experience to bear, you can relax, concentrate on looking lovely and actually enjoy your first day as husband and wife!While you enjoy yourselves, our staff will be hard at work for you and your guests. Our friendly and gracious banquet team keeps track of all the details and shares your excitement for your big day.
  3. Our expert wedding consultants help you every step of the way.Lead by me, our experienced team helps you plan every moment of your special day, arranges your event and sees that your plans are carried out flawlessly. Like players in a well-rehearsed Broadway play, your special day will come off without a hitch.
  4. We treat you like family because we appreciate the opportunity to serve you.Weddings are synonymous with family. We treat all of your guests like members of our family.We make everyone feel at home and do our very best to let you know how much we appreciate that you’ve chosen Ingersoll to host your most special day.
  5. We serve up delicious dining options that you and your guests will love.We know that a key part of any wedding is the cuisine that you serve to your guests. Our chefs are among the finest in Canada. We will ensure your guests will rave about their dining experience during your special day.Ready to get the planning started immediately?
    If you can’t wait to get your first-priority date booked on our calendar, get the process started right now! Just click here and fill out our quick, online form.
  6. Our country club-style clubhouse will impress your guests.Our clubhouse — the hub of all Ingersoll’s activities — is beautifully decorated to create a lasting impression on all of your guests.Your wedding and reception guests will be blown away by the breathtaking views of the golf course. (If they like the look of the course, wait until they get out for a round!)
  7. The picturesque views are the perfect backdrop for creating your own memorable moments.No need to imagine this vista as the back drop for your pictures — it’s yours! Our setting will provide you with lasting memories and endless photo opportunities!
  8. Our spacious and elegant rooms comfortably accommodate up to 150 guests in style.At the end of every marvelous Ingersoll wedding ceremony is an equally-marvelous party!
  9. Ingersoll is easily accessible!That means your guests will have an easy time arriving for your event. Your out-of-town guests can get in; find comfy, convenient accommodations, and get on their way effortlessly.Ready to get the planning started immediately?
    If you can’t wait to get your first-priority date booked on our calendar, get the process started right now! Just click here and fill out our quick, online form.Your request comes right to me, at which time I’ll get back to you. Then we’re off and running. Soon you’ll be walking — down the aisle!

I cordially invite you to pick up the phone and schedule a time for us to meet. Call me at 519-485-3030, or simply click here and fill out our online request form.

I’ll show you in person all that we offer a bride at Ingersoll.

Let the calm begin. I un-frazzle Bridezillas! While you’re here, I can answer all of your questions (and alleviate your worries!) about the exciting wedding package options we offer. Together we’ll find one that works best for you. It generally takes about an hour to give you a complete overview of all that we have to offer.

I look forward to meeting you soon!

Best wishes!